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I've been using my Apple wired scissor-switch keyboard (the one with white keys on an aluminium base) and I'm pleasantly surprised.

The keyboard is incredibly quiet, even more so than a rubber membrane, and quite nice to type on once you get the idea of letting your fingers just brush over the keys.

I was previously using a Das Keyboard 2 at work and had complaints from my team that it was just too darn loud, it's still my keyboard of choice for where noise isn't a concern tho ... and therefore what I use at home.

I put my opinions on these and my Mattias Pro and Model M up at my blog a while ago.


I tried one of those out at an Apple dealer and I found it to be identical to my MacBook's keyboard. I could type fairly well on it, but I really like my mechanicals, so I didn't buy it. the keyboard is nice but it feels kind of flat and stubby compared to my HHKB and Alps keyboards, and I didn't like the quiet part either.


$50 is a small price to pay for a keyboard that feels good and allows you to log significant time without pain.  

I think, as far as laptop keyboards go, the MacBook keyboard is decent.  If I was spending $50 on a keyboard though, I'd want something different though.



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