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Does anyone knows a decent keystroke combination program

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Sorry for not answering but for some reason this last 2 days i couldnt get in the site.

thks going to test it.


--- Quote from: Mikecase00 ---I use autohotkey to swap ctrl and caps on my board in Windows.  Seems pretty configurable so I'm sure you could come up with all sorts of mapping combos.  Works well, but only when you're logged in (I have to remeber to use the actual ctrl key when hitting ctrl+alt+delete to log-in in the morning for example)
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you want key tweak for this kind of stuff. I.E. simply remapping a key.

it changes the windows registry so you should then be able to hit capslock+alt+del to login.


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I was trying to do a combination for the key, like this :


but its not working, only with one key config like a::> or v::>

 any ideas?

you're going to need to explain what you're trying to do.

Are you trying to make it so Control+n sends the < character? If so you want:

That's it. thks


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