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This 'board has white Cherry sliders, and it's cheap

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--- Quote from: xsphat ---You know, I give up on Cherry. It seems like they handed out a secret decoder ring to get through all the marketing ploys and I didn't get mine.
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Yeah its stupid that they dont specify which switches are in the keyboards.....


--- Quote from: Nonmouse ---Just stick with G80- or G84- boards- the G80 have MX switches, and the G84 have ML switches.  I haven't been able to figure out how to tell if they're white, blue, black or brown sliders, though, short of popping a keycap off.  I think it varies by market (i.e., gringos don't like clicky keyboards, do the blues aren't sold here anymore)
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A few weeks ago I downloaded a PDF product data sheet for the Cherry G80-3000 series keyboards, and it had the following info:

Order description
Order number             Colour        Connection             Key action
G80-3000LPMxx-0     light grey         PS/2                     linear
G80-3000LQMxx-0     light grey         PS/2                     soft
G80-3000LSMxx-0     light grey         PS/2                     click
G80-3000LUNxx-0     light grey         USB                      linear

So I looked all over the web to see if there was any place where I could order a G80-3000LSMUS-0. Couldn't find any. Still amazes me that it is so difficult in the US to find a keyboard, whether full size or compact, with blue Cherry MX switches (except for the two we already know about).

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
The datasheet is from here:

What is the difference between US and European layouts? Do they work with American stuff?


--- Quote from: xsphat ---What is the difference between US and European layouts? Do they work with American stuff?
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Typically, EU keyboards have 1 more key than US ones. So they're 102 keys (vs 101 US) for the standard AT layout and 105 keys (vs 104) for the enhanced layout with Windows keys.

The result is that you normally have a smaller left-shift to make space for the additional key. See this page on Wikipedia for the details of the most common European layouts.

If you don't mind to having a smaller left-shift key (and to the different marking on the keys in case you don't get one with blank key tops), you can use an European keyboard and set it to US layout from the O.S., with no additional complications.


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