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New Gigabyte Mechanical Keyboard

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Whiskey in the Jar-o:
Cherry blacks is my wild guess.

The keycap font and icons look exactly like those on KBtalking keyboards.  Sadly it look about as stylish as something from the 1970s.  Maybe Costar Electronics is making it for them.

I kind of like the look, but how the hell are they claiming they have the 1st mechanical gaming keyboard? Didn't they ever hear of the Commodore 64?

I hope they didn't spend time 'developing' a 'gaming' keyboard to not even make it n-key rollover.  I bet it'll cost tons.

And it says it's "non-click" (it's a good sign this isn't the best product when there is such a glaring grammatical error as that) so I'm with Whiskey on this one - I bet it has the blacks.


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