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Does anyone have suggestions for fixing sticky keys? I have a keyboard where a couple of the larger keys, the large, L-shaped enter key and the enter on they keypad, sometimes stick.  Mostly it's the larger enter key. It tends to stick if I hit it anywhere than directly over the switch. The board uses Alps switches.  

The I took the key off and made sure the little stabilizer bar underneath was properly seated. That seemed to help some. Any other suggestions?  They keyboard was rather dirty, and I haven't had a chance to properly clean it yet.  I was considering using a bit lubricant on the support post at the top of the key.  I gather I should use some sort of non-petroleum based dry lubricant?  Any other tips?  Thanks.

First off, I'd get it all cleaned up and then see where things stand.

Are the switches themselves something that can be cleaned, or do I keep my distance from them and limit myself to the keys, posts, etc? :)

I'd second what iMav said about cleaning it out first.  Spraying the switch with contact cleaner might help, as well.  

The switches can be taken apart and cleaned internally, but I'd leave it as a last resort- the odds of breaking/losing/bending something are lots higher than when just dealing with the caps and torsion bars.  This site has pictures of disassembled Alps switches.  Some more pics.

Thanks.  :)  I have very little desire to mess with the switch if I don't have to.  

I did pick up a  non-petroleum  teflon-based lubricant today that is supposed to be plastic friendly and not attract any grime or similar crap.  Is this the kind of thing I should be using on the support post?


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