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I have a Unicomp 42H1292U, 02/01/08.  Love the feel but it is only 2 key rollover and reaching for the mouse is uncomfortable.
I also liked the feel of an old white alps board, though I only used it briefly a couple of months ago.

A good looking option is a Cherry G80-1800HFU (using MX blue click tactile).  Unfortunately a new equivilent doesn't appear to be available, and second hand ones rare.

Another option is an ~10 year old nos (US125) or refurb (US75) SIIG minitouch with white alps, though I don't really like the layout.  It appears the same as Diatec / Filco DFK-81E2 which might use strongman now.

And the final option is an IBM spacesaver, though it is only 2 key rollover and untested ~20 year old boards go for US80-135 on ebay (quite a few listings lately).

Does anybody have any n-key rollover results ala the n-key thread for either the Siig minitouch or Cherry G80-1800 boards?

Any ideas on sourcing a Cherry?  I've contacted Multi Media Technologies (an Aust distributor) and Datacal (US).  Allied Electronics (US) don't have an email, though I will try ringing them if Datacal can't help.

Any suggestions on an alternative compact click tactile keyboard?

Thanks ecru.

Which keyboard layout does australia use? Is it the US one?

What about the HHKB pro 2?


--- Quote ---Which keyboard layout does australia use? Is it the US one?
--- End quote ---
No one type is standard, though I think the 2 most common layouts are
US with reverse L enter and \ to the left of a shortened backspace

--- Quote ---What about the HHKB pro 2?
--- End quote ---
Interesting sounding quality board.  I think I read on this forum that the keys feel similar to Cherry MX browns which could be a bit soft feeling for me.  As I understand it Cherry MX blues are closer to white Alps.  I suspect the minimalist layout could take a bit of getting used to.

Of course my understandings of key feel could be confused too. :)

But the HHKB Pro 2 isn't clicky ... but it is one of the best keyboards made.

Could be clarify terms here? When you say clicky are you talking about the feel of the keys (i.e. they 'snap' when activated) or the noise the keyboard makes?

I know the brown MXs have a slight snap (like the black alps?), doesn't the HHKB have snap as well?

(we really should set up a terms thread or wiki page around here :D)

How about the SMK-85, isn't that supposed to be nice and clicky? Although it does appear to have the annoying FN key placement.


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