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how many of you brothers use the dvorak layouts? if you do, questions:
1) was it worth it for you?
2) how long did the switch take, to get back up to a respectable typing speed & accuracy (say, 1/2 to 2/3 of your original speed)? how long til full speed?
3) can you still type on qwerty without your brain exploding?
4) if you had any sort of RSI, did it help? (and what kind of RSI did you have?)

any other comments/etc? very interested in your experience, esp if you're a coder.

edit: oh! and of course, the obligatory question: what keyboard did you do it on? :-D

I've always thought the dvorak layout was just a recent fad, proven wrong at inception - yet not being currently addressed by the mainstream.  Much like Marxism, ;).

1.  Yes
2.  After a couple of months ~2/3 speed, but I am an 'intermittent' typer, and slower than average at learning hand eye coordination tasks.  Using a computer isn't my main occupation, and web surfing, playing games etc does little to improve typing skills.
3.  No - I don't have a need to use qwerty anymore.  Here's hoping that my brain doesn't explode on contact with it.
4.  I have no rsi, however I found dvorak to be more comfortable surprisingly quickly.

Sorry no coding comments since it is over a decade since I last did any coding.

I found these exercises useful changing over.  Once I had completed the exercises a lot of the initial frustration finding keys abated, then it was just a matter of speed.

Oh and a hello to jemkeys the troll, you won't be getting fed anymore than a greeting by me.  Enjoy :)

What did you consider trolling?  The comments about dvorak, or marxism? lol

EDIT:  no, but seriously.  I'm not trying to enrage anybody here, but I really do think that the dvorak layout isn't the secret miracle that'll make us all type 150 wpm.

QWERTY is fine, and I think the popular story about it's origins as a response to "jamming typewriters" is a myth.

I used DVORAK for a couple of weeks.  I found it fine, but it annoyed me that I still needed to interact with QWERTY from time to time.  And since I type really well with QWERTY, I decided it wasn't worth having to switch back and forth.


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