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Dvorak model M keycaps with pips?

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Well yes, but then you'd still have to buy some stick-on nubs to have a feeling of the home row keys.

Just get a set of blank black keys from need to worry about it.


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I'm aware of the cool swap the keycaps ability of the model Ms, but unless serendipity smiles on me and I can obtain one I probably won't be buying a used keyboard, even in spite of their legendary reliability.  Also my paypal account is not in working order.

Honestly I'm personally more interested in knowing if, say, the Scorpius M10, Cherry G80-3000, or even the standard QWERTY Customizer can be changed.  

I'm personally unable to call Unicomp as their listed customer service hours are the exact hours that I'm at work, but if my dear lobster would ask for a quote on my behalf I would greatly appreciate it.  They wouldn't even have to send anything but the be-nubbed H and U keys and de-nubbed F and J keys.  I'd be perfectly willing to rearrange the other 32 keys myself.  

Honestly, the nubs, or the lack thereof, do not bother me all that much anymore.   I'd probably have trouble finding F without the nub anyway.  In Dvorak it fills the spot vacated by Y.  It is the spot of most ambiguous fingering.

Anyway, I'm quite interested in obtaining a mechanical keyboard, but I'm not going to spend a lot of money on one that doesn't have what I want when I can spend $0 on a not mechanical keyboard that does.


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