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One-Handed Keyboard Prototypes

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--- Quote from: JBert;126567 ---I think it doesn't work except for when you can take a long time to practice or when you started out on one. While your fingers won't protest to mirror the keyboard, you still need to think when to press the spacebar.
--- End quote ---

Well, perhaps Matias makes it sound a little too easy on their website. Nothing's instantaneous, but it didn't seem like it was that hard to pick up on a basic level.


--- Quote from: ripster;126586 ---I have a half keyboard too.
--- End quote ---

Well, you might once you decide on the switch type and actually wire it up.  :-)

@ripster: are you actually going to program for onehanded typing? Or just for gaming?

Thats a shame, I had considered developing a ahk script to work with the nostromo or some such similar product. One handed keyboards are actually the reason I ended up on this website... many hours and, more money than I had to spend down the line... still no one handed keyboard...


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