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One-Handed Keyboard Prototypes

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now *that's* a tsunami

That's a clusterf*ck.


--- Quote from: itlnstln;125745 ---That's a clusterf*ck.
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ohh... i always wondered what people meant when they said that :)

There was a keyboard for a wearable that I remember that looked really slick.  It had a nice modifier to switch to the other hand, and it was nice and compact, but seemed more like a traditional keyboard in key travel and touch.  It was even beige.

If you want to learn to type one-handed in a desktop setting, look at dvorak-left or dvorak-right.  Those are just rearrangements on the standard keyboard if memory serves.  I've considered learning dvorak-left, but since I do PC service and literally touch thousands of keyboards a year it's not been worthwhile to learn any alternate layout.


--- Quote from: msiegel;125746 ---ohh... i always wondered what people meant when they said that :)
--- End quote ---

That's why the Urban Dictionary is a MUST when it comes to understand Post Shakespearian English

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