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Glad I stumbled on this side of GH.  So what's the new story on Topre keycap miss?  On the one hand Yanbu said we're working on the relations some more, but then on the other hand Matt3o noted a little earlier than Yanbu (by like a few hours) that its not looking good.  Have we put a hold on Topre stem caps or can we just move from the "Topre" world and make the compatibility kits like the community requested?

Anyway I'll shut up now and look for some more good news.  So much awesomeness coming out of the woodwork lately.  Thanks GH for fronting a good image for MD.  MassDrop has been working pretty hard lately putting up some pretty impressive drops.  Glad to see Alex, Kunal, Yanbu, and the gang on GH.  Keep it coming guys!


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