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Yike peripheral kawaii AMJ40 PCB Kit customized DIY mini mechanical keyboard

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What's the odds we might see this on Massdrop soon?  With lead times still out there on the Plancks we ordered last summer, this would be really cool to drop soon.  Thanks Massdrop!

Is that the cute little 40% that popped up on taobao recently? If so, I'll tell Yanbo to get on it.

That's the one!  Saw it when I was poking around over there.  Then I saw the WF already being sold there too.  You can delete this thread, but yeah I don't see how it could hurt to get it going for a drop.  I originally was looking for this 40% board before the planck showed up on MD.  Please ask for cherry switches too.  Gaterons just don't cut it for me.  Ever since I got my hands on those Varmillo boards with whites, clears, and grays I was hooked.  If you can get greens or clears I'd be a happy clam.  Maybe if you can't get the cherry switches, offer it without the switches and give us a drop for cherry switches please please please!


Why not just join this GB? Not that I wouldn't mind a MD offering either, but the HHKB plate on the one i linked is rad.

Yeah, I've been watching the IC, like the 4 layers, but both these are coming from China and with the shipping costs from Canada plus there are 108/100 ICs and the GB is still 90 days to delivery.  I started a long while back on the JD40.  It can't hurt for MD to look into this one a little.  I'm still for supporting the community but the Golbat is really coming by way of a proxy.  Either way I'd still have to buy key switches. 


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