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Spanish, Portuguese & Italian (South) keycaps (links updated:10/November/2022)

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Hi all,

As there are not that many keycap sets that include our layouts, I've thought that I would try to create a thread to keep track of them. I was already bookmarking all the ones I found, and hopefully keeping track of them here will help more people (and let me discover keycaps that I had missed).

Active Group Buys/Preorders
No GBs or preorders active at the moment.

Interest Checks
See anything interesting here? Check this message.
GMK WoB ES kit (ES)
MW Invasion (support being considered, vote on the IC Form if interested!!!)
ePBT Salt Lakes (support being considered, vote on the IC Form if interested!!!)
ePBT Frontier (support being considered, vote on the IC Form if interested!!!)
KAM Popelka (ES/IT)
ePBT Creative Studio (South)
ePBT Sumeria (ES/PT/IT)
ePBT Submerged (ES/PT/IT)
KAT Goddess (South)
KAT PBJ (South)
DCS Classic Orange (incomplete kitting, though)
ePBT Maras (ES/LA, GB cancelled and back to IC)

Available to buy
Keychron and Glorious sets. Decent quality/decent price from two major keyboard manufacturers.
Note: I've linked to EloquentClicks because they usually have them in stock, but Google them if not, as these sets are widely available.
Keychron PBT Gray (65 & 75%) (ES, IT available from Keychron)
Keychron PBT Retro (65 & 75%) (ES/IT/PT)
Keychron PBT Retro (TKL, 60% & 100%) (ES/IT/PT)
Keychron PBT Carbon (65 & 75%) (ES/IT)
Keychron PBT Carbon (TKL, 60% & 100%) (ES/IT/PT)
Keychron PBT Blue (65 & 75%) (ES, IT available from Keychron)
Keychron PBT Blue (TKL, 60% & 100%) (ES/IT/PT)
Keychron PBT Iceberg (TKL, 60% & 100%) (ES/IT/PT)
GPBT Caribbean Ocean (ES)
GPBT Rain Forest (ES)
GPBT Artic White (ES)
GPBT Black Ash (ES)
Glorious Pudding Keycaps (ES/PT) Note: this is an old set and does not support 65/75% layouts

Tai-Hao & Traitors sets. Two asian manufacturers that are known brands in the market. Tai-Hao is also one of the few manufacturers that makes double-shot keycaps.
Traitors UKIYO-E (ES/PT)
Traitors Kabuki (ES/PT)
Traitors Infinity (ES/PT)
Traitors Eternity (ES/PT)
Tai Hao Dark Tunnel (ES/PT/IT)
Tai-Hao Smokey Quartz (ES - Translucent Keycaps!)
Tai Hao Hygge (ES can also be found here/IT click here)
Tai Hao Pine Green (ES/IT click here)

Biip sets. One of the most popular keycap designers, Biip has some in-stock items that support International layouts (including ES). Good quality, but expensive.
Note: the first three are currently out of stock, but they should receive more at the end of 2022 (at least in the Novelkeys web).
DSA Milkshake (Also here)
PBT Cherry Milkshake (Also here)
PBT Notion (Also here)
DROP + BIIP MT3 EXTENDED 2048 (Incomplete, should be like the rest when the current batch is sold)

PimpMyKeyboard. The public name of a well known US keycap manufacturer (Signature Plastics). Very good quality, but expensive.
PimpMyKeyboard SA-P Snow Cap (ES/IT/PT/BR/LA)
PimpMyKeyboard SA Ice Cap (ES/IT/PT/BR/LA - extra keys here)
PimpMyKeyboard DSA Granite
PimpMyKeyboard DSA High Contrast Granite
PimpMyKeyboard DSA Quartz
PimpMyKeyboard SA-P Standard Sets (ES/IT/PT/BR/LA - Choose your own color combination or use it with other SA-P sets)
PimpMyKeyboard DSA Foreign Alpha Kits (ES/IT/PT/BR/LA - Use them to make international versions of other DSA sets)

21KB. I don't have much info on this shop, but they have a couple of nice retro sets in IT/ES, that can actually be combined with other sets (e.g., Runic) if you want different sublegends.
21KB Classic Retro Beige (ES/IT)
21KB Custom Color Classic Retro (ES/IT)

Other vendors. Some from old GBs, an amazing set in MT3 from Zambumon, and a very cool IDOBAO set
KPrepublic International Keyboard (ES/PT/IT)
KPrepublic SA Retro
Kono SA Granite (ES/IT)
Kono KAT CyberSpace (South)
Drop + Zambumon MT3 Serika (ES/BR)
IDOBAO MA Element Suite R1
Drop + MiTo GMK Laser (BR, with some errors)
Eloquent Clicks Cherry Retro Set (ES)

AliExpress sets. Cheap in all senses, but a good option if you are on a budget.
AliExpress YMDK Cherry (ES/IT)
AliExpress YMDK 9009 DSA (ES/IT)
AliExpress YMDK Hami Melon (ES/IT)
AliExpress PBT Botanic (ES/IT)
AliExpress PBT Noel (ES/IT)
AliExpress PBT Cherry ES (ES)
AliExpress Cherry B&W (ES)
AliExpress Mizu Blue Set (ES, same set, different seller)
AliExpress Spanish Keycaps with LED support (ES, also here)
AliExpress OEM Plum Bossom (ES)

Denshi Electronic. This is an odd case, so I'm adding just a link to their shop instead to the individual keysets. It's a Spanish shop that seems to import and sell AliExpress keysets (most of the ones they have are also in the links above), but they also seem to have some ISO-ES sets that are not available anywhere else.
Deshi Electronic

WASD Keyboards WASD lets you create your custom sets, including any ISO language.
Krome Keycaps Krome Keycaps lets you add a custom ISO-ES/PT/IT (+others) kit to complement any of their sets.

Unusual keycap sets
These are sets that donít belong to any layout in particular (e.g. they donít have labels, or use invented languages/symbols).
MT3 Lord of the Rings Elvish
MT3 Lord of the Rings Dwarvish
G20 Semiotic (For fans of Alien and weird key profiles)
XDA Linear A keycaps (For fans of dead civilizations)
GMK Dots 2
GMK Pixel
DSA Star Wars Galactic Empire
KAM Playground (IC)
MW Paws (IC)

— sets
Frankenstein — sets (ANSI/ISO sets that include an Ů for ES/LA users)
MVKB Classic
CreateKeebs Stamp (IC)
GMK Lilac on Black (IC)
MW Cryptic (IC)
DCS Pink Alert (IC)
MW Paws (IC)
MW Pono Light (GB until Nov. 4th)

Finished Group Buys
Iím going to keep a list of finished GBs, just in case there are any extras available after they ship.
KAM Command (ES/IT only, 4/10/21 - 4/11/21)
GMK Electric (PT, partial ES, 6/9/21 - 6/10/21)
KAT Great Wave (South, 21/6/21 - 21/7/21)
ePBT Scandi (ES/PT only, 14/6/21 - 14/7/21)
KAT Space Dust (South, 24/5/21 - 25/6/21)
MoreMW Commute (partial support, 10/12/21 - 14/01/22)
ePBT Witch (partial support, 24/11/21 - 24/12/21)
ePBT Avilo (ES only, 19/11/21 - 19/12/21)
KAT Slurp (South, 8/2/21 - 8/3/21)
KAT Monochrome (South, 1/9/20 - 30/9/20)
KAT Iron (South, 2/8/20 - 1/9/20)
KAT Hyperfuse (South, 29/6/20 - 31/7/20)
KAT Space Cadet (South, 1/4/20 - 9/5/20)
KAT Lich (South, 7/1/20 - 31/1/20) - The first South set! (heart)

If anyone knows of any more GBs/ICs or available keycaps that I have missed, please add a comment!

I just added the ePBT Scandi IC, which I had missed!

The ePBT Scandi Group Buy is live! (The link still points to the IC thread, I'll update it when the GB thread is approved).

It's a very nice set that includes tertiary labels (something that most other GBs/ICs) don't.

Do appreciate your work here mate!

With so little to choose from finally decided to move into ANSI with a touch of ISO (Enter and whatnot) but will take a look here from time to time.

Buen trabajo y suerte!


--- Quote from: namidettje on Thu, 17 June 2021, 12:03:03 ---Do appreciate your work here mate!

With so little to choose from finally decided to move into ANSI with a touch of ISO (Enter and whatnot) but will take a look here from time to time.

Buen trabajo y suerte!

--- End quote ---

Thanks a lot! Hopefully making these sets easier to find we'll get more people joining the hobby (and thus making "South" kits more popular).


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