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Price Check- What's it Worth?

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Wondering what something's worth, but not necessarily sure you want to sell it? Post here and people will let you know. I'll try to keep a running table of values as people ask and others answer.

I highly recommend you stay away from asking about CC key appraisals as they tend to be a bit controversial. If you really don't know what to ask for it, put it up for auction [on eBay]. Posts pertaining to them in this thread will likely be deleted. Thanks!

KEEPER OF THE FAITH EDIT: All inquiries into the current value of Clack Factory artisan keycaps should be directed to the Clack Valuaion thread.

Also, please try to be as detailed as possible in your description of the item(s) for which you are requesting a price check. It helps others to give you a more accurate value of the item in question.

What's a candy corn esc worth(cherry mx) ? :D


--- Quote from: boost;601128 ---What's a candy corn esc worth(cherry mx) ? :D
--- End quote ---

$40 max imo

and where do you find the guy selling a candy corn for 40$ max ? :D

EliteKeyboards, dreamland... couple places


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