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I've found this SMK-85 on ebay canada and i was wondering what kind of switches does it use. I've read that the SMK-85 uses ALPS or strongman switches but that they vary.....does anyone knows......

The SMK85 is a craps-shoot. What you need to do is contact the seller. Mine, black case, black keys, absolutely rocks with it's black Alps sliders. Other people have different color schemes and their's came with Strongman Alps clones that sucked so bad they sent them back.

Damn, so strongman alps arent made by alps?Arent they even more clicky than black alps ones?
I was considering buying one but im not familiar with the switch info....

Found this black one at

I wonder if they sell to Europe.

ccbstore ripped off iMav, not a good choice for you to order from.

And Strongman may make clicky switches, but they are a bastard product of the real Alps.


--- Quote from: xsphat;2032 ---ccbstore ripped off iMav, not a good choice for you to order from.
--- End quote ---

Yep.  Don't order from CCBStore.  You'll receive nothing.  Thankfully, Paypal is great at sucking money back from sellers who don't deliver.  ;)


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