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How similar are the HHKB Pro and HHKB Pro 2??

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Close enough to do this:

So, the keyboard I am using now is a black HHKB Pro 2 with a white top case (and white dip switch cover) from my white HHKB Pro (1).

I had to remove the circuit board from the top case as the connector from the circuit board is different.  There are two plastic stand offs that are longer on the HHKB Pro 2 top case than on the I had to trim those.  Otherwise, the mixing and matching of parts are a perfect fit!

geek... ;)


They are very distinctive looking.

Nice, not what I would have done, but I like it.


--- Quote from: xsphat;2262 ---Nice, not what I would have done, but I like it.
--- End quote ---

As soon as I saw them together, I knew I wanted black keys on the white topcase.  And to actually have the USB hub of the HHKB Pro 2, I needed to use the black bottom.  I think this looks slick.

Now, the white (and gray) keys on the black topcase?  Well, that's just the crap left over (kinda like Danny Devito in "Twins").  ;)


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