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--- Quote from: rnak92a;2729 ---Sorry, sasho--I bid on it.  You're welcome to outbid me, though, as I only bid US 50.00
--- End quote ---

No problem, i can skip this one, as long as you are winning it :)
Maybe I should wait a while, the last week I received my scorpius m10 and was outbided by a buying-and-bidding-like-crazy japanese guy for a model m mini (which i'm sure he will resale somewhere :( ), and this one has quite expensive shipping to europe - $48, so this will make 2 $100 keyboard for me for two weeks, maybe I should buy one hhkb pro and should cool myself for a while... still wanting my model m mini though :)



--- Quote from: fkeidjn;2749 ---Keep in mind that you can always file a claim for wrong item description.
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In theory....

If it turns out not to be the clicky model, I'll just re-flea it, no biggie.

Is the keyboard "hackable?"  I mean convert it from a rubber dome to a buckling spring?  It could be an interesting project.

And if someone fancies a bit of research & soldering to make an adaptor, here's a cheap IBM Model M Spacesaver.

According to the info from this page, it should be quite easy to make such adaptor (as long as the connector on the 2 'boards is the same, which I'm not sure).

Here's an interesting one- a Model F- buckling spring with capacitive switches.  Too bad it's a terminal  board.  Though I suppose an adapter could probably be rigged up...


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