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Quick photo 

^ Very nice!  Here's my BB.

I built this watch..  SPB185 case , NH35 movement, Dial-Maker Dial and MM300 style hands cheap shark mesh from Ali (actually all the parts are from ali really)

As I see, here are just millionaires on the forum! I wanna be in your gang too.  Lol, I won't post my watch; it's childish. But I'm dreaming of buying a Rolex. A friend of mine who is living in Europe took one Rolex from a  pawn shop in london. He got professional appraisals on any model of Rolex in any condition, and he bought a Cosmograph Daytona. He is looking for perfection and luxury, but I would say that the whole pursuit of perfection is a gigantic hoax. If you are not meant to work on yourself and achieve success step by step, you corrupt yourself. Do you agree? Let's discuss.


--- Quote from: atarione on Thu, 18 February 2021, 17:38:01 ---I just got this Seiko SPB105 I'm liking it quite a lot..
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--- End quote ---

Oh man those Seikos... I should really get one of those some day. I really want a new watch, but currently I'm spending too much money on mechanical keyboard-related stuff. Could have gone for a watch instead, but yeah.


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