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Mr.Boo's got the Alps SKCM Blues.


--- Quote from: mike52787 on Fri, 07 October 2016, 09:30:12 ---
--- Quote from: mrboovn on Thu, 06 October 2016, 21:43:05 ---My board has Wang caps,is it counted  :p :p
Show ImageDuck Kingsaver by Minh Nguyen, on Flickr

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You make me jealous. Beautiful board! what switches are in it? I think that a kingsaver will always be out of my reach unfortunately. Plus finding an unbuilt kingsaver is no doubt impossible.

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Yup my board has Alps Blue  :p :p

I have a big wang too


--- Quote from: ntw on Thu, 03 November 2016, 03:53:49 ---I have a big wang too

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A clean wang that just has a tiny bit of shine. Not bad, not bad. :P

When keyboards still had speaker and volume control (before the sound card age) and were NKRO by default.


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