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Anybody else get their Serika set in?

EDIT:  I've settled into the kit a bit more and I'm down with the yellow keys now.  This set is awesome. 

I am waiting to review until I've spent some time with them.  First impressions are 1.) high quality in terms of feel, thickness, texture (my first GMK set), 2.) alphas and black modifiers are gorgeous and 3.) Yellow modifiers are VERY YELLOW and the legends are thicker  than the renders.  I would be lying if I didn't say I'm a bit disappointed in the final hue of yellow and the thickness of the text legends on the yellow mods.  Giving it some time to grow on me.  I might want to keep the alphas/black modifiers and replace the yellow modifiers with another set or something.  Which leaves me with a LOT of spare yellow keys hanging around lol. 

Here are some pics on my Vortex Race 3 w/ Cherry MX Blues.

That's a gorgeous set. I have immense regret not getting this -- I also was financially unable to do so at the time. On a mission now to find a kit! Looks great with the mat!

Thanks.  Yeah it is a gorgeous kit.  I've also go the micons. I may bust those out at some point.  Also the alphas and blacks are so neutral they would play extremely well with a lot of other colors.  Once I get some more cherry profile kits I plan on experimenting. 

Here is my Zen Keyboard + Serika :)

Waiting for skb68.


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