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[WIP] PBT Frostbite


PBT Frostbite__

Hi friends I am Potato, I would like to share this keycap set that I have designed along with my friends from SHZN, this is the first keycap set that we have designed
Please go ahead and join the discord server to follow us on our keycap journey.

This keycap set was inspired by the freezing temperatures of the winter

We are also still thinking about what manufacturer we would like to try and run this set in the main contenders being gmk, epbt, milkway, and nicepbt.
Please submit feedback here, any feedback is appreciated!
Novelties and desk mats are still being designed, If you have ideas for novelties or desk mats please let us know
Kitting TBD
_____Google Form
Renders (Please keep in mind that we are very early in development)

Modifier legends/Alpha

Alpha legends/Modifiers


Decide what manufacturer and material you want to run this with, work on the kitting and get more renders.

Not much to talk about here since you hardly made anything.

That looks pretty cool, I'd be interested in a set if it's under $100 :thumb:


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