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Aged mac coder looking for un-aged typing experience…
« on: Sun, 07 November 2021, 16:29:01 »
Hi everyone,
I‘m from Germany and been using mechanical keyboards for over 40 years now. I directly upgraded from a C64 keyboard to a super-clicky mechanical IBM keyboard which served me well for over 25 years of daily abuse - it died from a spilled coffee. Honestly, I never found such a good keyboard again. Currently I‘m using a DasKeyboard for Mac (not that good) and an older Steelseries with MX-Brown, which looks quite aged and some keys do not hold well on their switches anymore. So I have a Keychron K2 (German layout) on backorder to become my daily ride, then…

…I want to build a super silky 65 or 75 custom keyboard with ANSI layout (best for coding). Whatever I will build, it‘ll ideally remember me of my good old IBM keyboard. But just for the look, not for the clicky and extreme sharp IBM sound. I’m dreaming of deep and subtile sound and a minimal tactile or linear feel.

Now it‘s time to learn from you (first by reading) and found out what I may need and want.

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Re: Aged mac coder looking for un-aged typing experience…
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 17 December 2021, 17:49:32 »
Hey cheers man! I'm a beginner programmer/comp sci person lol. Just finished a bootcamp and am hopefully starting a CS and IT program in the Spring. I too am on Mac (sometimes Linux) and would love to have a silky smooth keyboard! I built one a year ago and let me tell you lubing it does make it feel so good but unfortunately some of the switches didn't work. It was because I messed up my PCB out of frustration while desoldering with cheap tools. So yeah man it's out there, you just have to build it and go through the patience of lubing. I'd recommend using a proper tool to hold your switch stems because the first time I did it I did it by hand and it was a tedious nightmare lol. I can link you a cheap switch and keycap tool set if you're interested on Amazon! I'd be happy to share the limited stuff I know lol.
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