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Drop Skylight Series Keycaps


I have the Slate that came with my Drop ALT keyboard.  I purchased an open box on Ebay and got a real deal.  Overall I like the board, but the keycaps leave more to be desired.  Aesthetically they are pleasing, but they are thin as Fu**.  Some on an edge or two will measure 1.2 or 1.3mm, and the other edges on the cap are under 1mm.  Some measure as low as 0.6.  Maybe I just have a bad lot or early production item and they have improved?  I really like these in the Valiant color scheme (making me drool), but I expect 1.3mm or better across the board.  These sound and feel horrible.  The board as well as the keycap series are very popular, and I've read reviews and a lot of people say "THIC".  Does anyone have any experience with these caps? 


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