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Hey Everyone!
« on: Fri, 17 December 2021, 17:37:22 »
I'm in the Phoenix area and have been lurking for a while mainly just watching YouTube videos. I advertised my services about a year ago and thought that I would build something for someone and if it didn't work out I would just absorb the cost. Anyway, long story short, I got frustrated desoldering some of the switches with cheap tools and messed up some parts of the PCB. Someone online told me they could fix it and unfortunately they took it and never got back to me. I was frustrated but am trying to get back into it. I learned that you can use a cheap iron but you should use good solder and a good quality solder sucker. Does anyone have any other recommendations about getting into this on a budget? Is there anyone in the Phoenix area that would be willing to talk it over and connect? Maybe give me advice on how to choose switches, etc. Would love any support as I really dream of having a slick keyboard that is a joy to type on. The one I built felt really good and buttery smooth it just was useless because some of the keys didn't work. So really wanna build something that performs well but won't break the bank for my first proper build.

Just some info about me. I recently completed a coding bootcamp and am hopefully starting a Computer Science program where I will be learning CS and hopefully programming a good amount. So having a nice keyboard would probably make the typing, at least, smoother lol.

Anyway would really appreciate any help as this hobby seems sweet but there is so much info out there. Appreciate anyone willing to help a noob!
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