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Hello from the low countries
« on: Wed, 29 December 2021, 12:20:56 »

Greetings from NL!

I recently got into mechanical keyboards after 30+ years of using cheap KBs from major brands. Remembering my old IBM keyboard from my XT times, I remembered hearing something about mechanical boards on youtube. Bought a GMMK full-size barebone, Kailh silent pink boxes and some PBT carbon shine-through keycaps. Starting modding the stabs and waiting on some krytox to finish it. The bug hit me so i bought the Tester 84 keyboard and some Kailh DeepSea switches for smaller KB build and still looking for keycaps (Inifiny Key Hive has my heart racing but sold out ages ago).

Hopefully I can pick up some good tips to improve my KBs even more.

I think I can see the bottom of the rabbit-hole... or can I.....