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Weikav Sugar65


I made an unboxing and sound test for this board.

I paid $ 60 for this kit in aliexpress.
I think there is nothing better in that range of price.
All aluminum case, sounds like marble.

Switches: KTT Kang White V3 lubed with 205g0
Stabs: generic plate mounted lubed with 205g0 and dielectric grease. Holee modded
Keycaps: PBT double shot CSA profile
Plate: FR4
Foams: all stocks foams

Sugar65 is a genuinely decent keyboard that I would recommend to anyone. Sadly the V1 is out of stock pretty much everywhere now, but the good news is, V2 is coming soon.

Great job on your build, sounds amazing.

I hope the new version has VIA compatibility.
In my version you cannot configure the second layer with the proprietary software.


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