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[GB] Gestalt Trays- by Brazen X Akuko Labs



Introducing Gestalt Trays,  a collection of hand-made screw/trinket trays for your workspace. Designed to complement the beautiful Bauhaus-inspired Gestalt keycaps by Akuko Labs (these are still on sale at the moment), these trays are cast from a gypsum resin composite in custom molds, then lined with a laser engraved cork pad. Even if you didn't snag the Gestalt keycaps, they look and feel fabulous. 

Group Buy:

End date- June 17th 2024
Quantity- Unlimited
Estimated Shipping Date- 4 to 8 weeks after group buy close
Price- $30 per tray, $80 for 3 trays

Shipping- Starts at $8 for USA (shipping is calculated at checkout)

Product details:
Material- Gypsum resin composite (feels a bit like polished marble) with laser engraved cork pad

Dimensions- 130x100x12mm, approx. 110g

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