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Wooden wrist rest by Eric Barney

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Today, I've also received a wooden wrist rest personally made by Eric Barney (OCN member) and all I can say is wow!!!  I've got this picture from Deskthority for a while now and when Eric mentioned that he's good with wood works and stuff so I thought I ask him to make one for me.

First the packing was excellent.  It was shipped via USPS with tracking number in a medium priority box marked "Fragile" and to be handled with care.  Sorry I didn't take any picture of the box/packing.

It's made for my Realforce 87UB and all I did was gave him a link to page which has the measurements for this particular board.

Bottom of the wrist rest stand has 4 large rubber pads which prevent it from sliding around.

There are some minor imperfection but that's to be expected when working with wood (pic #3 above) but the wood grain, the finish, fittings, etc. are superb.

Any question please let me know and as for the price, I'm afraid you'll have to ask Eric himself.  Just shoot him a pm if you're interested.  He's a cool guy and obviously very talented.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this thing.

More pics per request by input nirvana. =)

Typing on wrist rest is a pure joy. I always hate those mushy-feeling wrist rests and this one gives just the right support and the surface is very smooth (it's been sanded and lacquer coated, I think). Also it doesn't wobble around and works perfectly with the keyboard legs up (perfect angle).

Input Nirvana:
Jesus Christ!   (get it? Jesus Chirist? I saw his Workmans Compensation claim, he was a carpenter)

I just saw these from csm725, he sent me the link....VERY nice...Eric certainly knows what he's doing and makes exceptionally nice things with great woods.

Don't be stingy with the pics, reaper, it's free to post more :)

Now add a few wood keycaps....

^ lol  Anyway, I added a few more pics per your request.  =)

Great pics, you have sooooo many goodies slash toys reaper


--- Quote from: skyblue;392680 ---Great pics, you have sooooo many goodies slash toys reaper
--- End quote ---

Heh, thanks.  And my toys are nothing compare to sixty's or webwit's collection or ripster's crazy lego/keyboard collection. =D


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