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Ducky 1087 XM w/ Green ALPS type switch

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PC Home delivers it again, from Taiwan to L.A. took them exactly 2 days (I bet it would've been faster if it didn't get stuck at U.S. Customs lol).  Anyway, the materials used and the fittings seem much better than the original 1087 series.  The green ALPS type switch I suppose is their Chinese clone version which seems pretty clicky (ie. loud).  It feels like a cheaper version of Filco Zero.

Link to PC Home's product page

The keycaps legends are dark brown/gold (I guess they take cue from their Year of the Tiger Edition which is a lot nicer than just plain white on black) and they gave me something extra which is a Ducky switch keychain.  You can see the pictures below.

Spec from PC Home page with the help of Google Translation:

Model: DK 1087 XM
with bearings: XM shaft
key configuration: US ASCII 87 key
connection interface: USB & PS / 2
Cap Material: ABS
Printing: laser engraving
Size: 353X135X40 (mm)
Weight: 1.0kg
Warranty: one-year warranty

The newly redesigned box looks much more modern, gone are those cryptic Chinese characters which is good since I can't read Chinese. =P

You can see the new keycaps from the pictures below

ABS keycap

Green ALPS switch

And here is the included freebie...

Bottom of the darn thing

Last, with GH ALPS keycap

The whole thing costs me around $50 something shipped (including the freebie you see above) so that wasn't too bad.  Any question please let me know. =)

Oh, forgot to add...  it doesn't come with any extra keycaps, key puller or that velvet carrying case like their previous 1087 series.  Just the keyboard, a USB cord and that was it.

linear switches?

Clicky and tactile, non-linear.

Hak Foo:
My 1008 with greens showed up today (ordered Sunday), and I notice that the switches don't sound like old ALPS-- the entire room doesn't shake when you type.


--- Quote from: Hak Foo;440811 ---the entire room doesn't shake when you type.
--- End quote ---

Haha.. I know what you mean. =P  I still pound on the keybaord pretty hard so it's still loud for me. =D


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