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IBM M15 pics

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This is the other keyboard I got this past week:

Looks like it's going to need some cleaning under the space bar.

The Erase-Eaze feature allows this to function as a backspace key rather than a space bar.

Compared with the Avant Stellar.

The toggle switch for the Erase-Eaze feature.

This is a port for the even rarer companion numerical keypad, which I don't have and would love to get.

Nice pics!

I'm not big on split keyboards...but I think I'd like it quite a bit if I simply left it un-split.  It'd make a nice space saver.

Ditto iMav, we think alike.

I love the 'board, it's really cool.

Agree... looks great not split.  Is this clicky|  What is the feel of this and sound?  How old is it?  Where did you find it?  So many questions, so little time.  It is a beauty.

It's a Model M buckling spring keyboard. The touch is stiffer than the black Alps, and not quite as responsive, but it is a great system.


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