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[GB] Brutal60 - 60% Keyboard Inspired by Brutalist Architecture

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The Brutal60 Group buy is now live!

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For those who missed the IC (, here is a quick rundown:

* Boston City Hall inspired 60%
* Aluminum top and bottom
* FR4 MX plate offered in ANSI and ISO Tsangan or Standard, with split Rshift, stepped caps, split backspace
* AT101 ALPS plate in FR4 also available
* Burger mount (top)
* 7.5 degree angle
* 20 mm front height (Same as Tofu)
* 34 mm back height
* Acoustic polyfill will be provided with the case
* Weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs) without plate/PCB/switches
There is no end date for the GB, as I have already ordered all the units. If any are leftover, they will be sold as in-stock.
Estimated shipping is LATE JUNE.

Extra plates are available, as well as preorders for my new PCB, the Instant60, featuring hotswap, RGB underglow, per-key warm white SMD LEDs, and VIA configurator compatibility.

For this round, 46 units will be offered, some in the same Blue as round 1, some in Black - both colors are sandblasted and anodized finishes.

The cost is $190, plus shipping. This should make it < $200 for most places in the US, and just over that for some further away locations in the US.

Again, given that the cost is on the cheaper side, the quality for this case will not be as high as something like the Keycult No. 1.
As an example, here are a few damages that would still be considered A-stock, with justification:

In this image, the dent is right under the seam. It's not possible to see when placed on a desk, and very minor.

In this image, the dent is so small that it wouldn't be visible once the board is assembled.

In general, large defects to visible faces will make a board B stock. But minor issues, small issues that won't be visible, or small dents on the bottom of the case that are not visible when the keyboard are on the desk will not cause a B stock evaluation. Streaky anodization on interior surfaces or the bottom of the case will also be considered A stock (within reason)

This might change your decision to join the group buy for this board, but the idea here it to make this a very accessible, but beautiful case design that people can buy.

I have already done a production run of this keyboard for a smaller, private GB. I intended to run this after the Satisfaction75 group buy, but given the delays, I can move up the timeline. Fulfillment should also be relatively quick, given I already have a great factory lined up.

Here is a sound test of the board, with the acoustic polyfill inside, with lubed gat yellows, o rings for the burger mount, and an FR4 plate.

More photos:

For more details on the mounting, you can see my post in the IC here:

And to see some happy customer photos look here:

Special Thanks to all my Round 1 Participants and mrpetrov and lbibass for the photos!

Ordered a black one  :thumb:

Super hype

Looking to sell my slot. Pm me

Can't believe I missed R3 by a week. A Navy HHKB would have been so nice.

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