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« on: Tue, 26 January 2021, 12:09:56 »

After countless design iterations, test prints, and tweaking, I’m excited to announce the first new product from

The 3D printed mechanical keyboard switch holder, display, and tester.

  • Switch holes with side cutouts to showcase both top and bottom of switch.
  • Holds 25 switches (5*5).
  • Stackable (the feet fit snugly on top of mounted switches).
  • Unique label track system - compatible with standard 9mm label makers (for example the Dymo LabelManager 160).
    • Simply slot in with no adhesives.
    • Held in firm but can be adjusted with a little force to make them line up perfectly.
  • Designed with postage costs in mind.
  • 3D printed using high quality filament.
  • Designed to fit nicely aligned next to each other.
  • Edge walls allow for magnets (6mm diameter x 2mm) to be slotted in to hold multiple boxes together side by side (not included).
  • Visually appealing textured top surface.
  • Designed with an appreciation for switch feel and sound.
  • Available in 2 colours: Bright White and Galaxy Black (has a subtle glitter effect).
  • Comes with rubber feet for stability, sound profile and feel.
  • Optional IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard clips to allow for wall mounting (printed in same colour as switch holder).
  • Optional custom logo to replace S.MX top left logo. Add the Custom logo design product to your order.
Get yours here!

Starting at £12.99 (before shipping)

Launch discount
Use code LAUNCHSALE for 10% off everything for the next 48 hours.

Digital download version
I appreciate that it can be prohibitively expensive to post items like this (especially given I’m not in the US - I’m in the UK) so I've decided to offer a downloadable STL file version of the SMX-HLDR-01 (and compatible IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard clips) to enable you to 3D print this at home (if you have a printer), or a friend or even a local 3D printing service. Link here:

Priced at £10.00, which hopefully you'll agree is reasonable.

Future plans

Note, these are printed on demand and not stored as in-stock (except for digital downloads) so there will be a delay between placing your order and it being shipped.

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Re: Shop - First product SMX-ACSE-01 switch holder
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 11 May 2021, 12:19:00 »
This looks nice, might get it so I can put it on the Ikea pegboard I'm getting :D