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[Artisan] BONE DRAGON keycap raffle that lose out if you don't know!!


Hello. We are AFA STUDIO.

We made a BONE DRAGON keycap.

We put souls in the work!!

Participate in the Raffle and look for a chance to win.

cost: 39 USD +Shipping
(Korea: 4 USD, Other Countries: 15 USD)
(Additional shipping charges may be incurred in Australia, France, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines(delivery due to corona))

keycap profile: SA 1u(R1)

Type of stem: Cherry MX

Due date: 04.18 00:00 (GMT + 9)

**(Please note that you can only apply once.)**

Schedule: After the deadline, the lottery and amount settlement period is 3 days / production period 1~2 weeks / packaging and delivery period 1 week


High definition image:




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