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NC Mech Meetup 2023 Happening May 6th!!


Tl;dr - May 6th 12-4pm in Greensboro at Griffin Community Center. Bring ya boards!

Info and sign up here:

We've got sponsors! First one is ShandonCodes, they are providing a Mino Plus for our raffle. Also more info here:

Figured I'd post here one more time. Meetup is happening this weekend. Check out this link to find out more

There's like 14 sponsors, we're going to be giving away like a dozen deskmats, 7 keyboard kits, switches, caps and more! Come check it out if you're in the area.

Any chance of this becoming an annual event? I'm a newb and I'd love to meet some folks around me who are more experienced in the hobby.

we have a Discord server where we do try and get together regularly.


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