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How hard do you all type?

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I feel as if I am compelled to press the switch harder because I actively enjoy the sound of the keycap bottoming out. With the AEK Alps board, the switch has a dampening rubber so even if I am pressing hard the audible bottom out is muted.

I like 35g Kailh Chocs. I try to type just hard enough for them to depress, but sometimes it's somewhat harder.
I also tried 20g to see if I could type faster by using less force, but it was harder for me. Maybe with practice it'll be faster.

I type fairly soft, as in i won't consistently bottom out 60g linears if I'm trying to type fast. If someone asks for a typing test I generally type a bit harder than I usually do in order to get the sound properly through the mic. I do bottom out while using tactiles tho bc it's a lot harder to maintain light typing with it, but I still wouldn't call it hard typing. I use linears 95% of the time though.

Prince Valiant:
I don't intentionally bottom out on every keystroke, but it happens frequently and I make no effort to stop it. When I'm typing at my best speed I think tend to bottom out more.

I type quite firmly, certainly enough that I prefer heavy springs in all switch types, and light linears actively annoy me.  While technically I suppose it's a little more physical effort, there is a very low cognitive load to simply mashing hard enough that any working keyboard ever made will register the keystrokes. 


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