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Paypal Dispute. Advice?


I would like to create a dispute on paypal to get my money back.

I sent it as "good and services" related to renting an airbnb for them and one of my friends to stay at, but the person I sent it to never sent the receipt for how much it had cost, and I lost contact with them before my friend could join that airbnb. There was no sales receipt or something of that matter, on paper the money was "simply sent for no reason." This is the case I would like to present.

I am hoping in such cases, smaller cases, that paypal would be able to reimburse at least half amount but preferably full.

I was hoping someone would know a lot about paypal, and the ability to dispute it. If successful, i will pay 50$ for a successful reimbursement of at least 50% of my money. But ONLY in a successful case.

It's very easy to do a paypal dispute.  Whether they give you your money back or not, I can't tell you, but if the other party doesn't answer you will get your money back by default.

If you navigate to the page that has the purchase, you will find a link at the bottom right named "Report a problem" with a red warning next to it.  You can find the ability to dispute in there.

There's no reason not to dispute for all of it if you didn't get what you paid for.

Also note that the dispute process can take around 30 days or so as they wait for a reply from the person you paid.

Normally, I think they'll start by asking for a tracking number or something.  Since it wasn't physical goods, I don't know where they will start.


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