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Tp4 Finally stiffened oneself to watch the whole of that controversial documentary "The Red Pill".

Here's the thing, Women argue that men have the power, Men argue, no our lives suck too, women have the power, they are valued more by society.

Tp4 doesn't think either side are aware of what TRUE power is.

For example,   The POWER, to PRINT MONEY.    In modern society, THAT is true power, and it's not a gender divide, it's a socio-economic , imperialist , mafia , oligarchal situation.

The people (FAMILIES) with REAL POWER,  insists that everyone else be concerned with any/everything else, for obvious reasons.   Please keep fighting and killing each other over "whatever" it is that makes you angry,  but DON'T YOU DARE Question the IMF, Monetary system of the world.

Life for most humans, is not merely about who has more money, people don't question, why a Small group of people have the exclusive rights to PRINT money.  That in itself is the root of all inequality, and source of all violence.  It is the purest form of violence.

This isn't a question as to its function and probable necessity,  but the argument over equality along gender roles like any other social movement, ignores the root.

While I agree that there is more of a class divide than a gendered divide, I don't think it's ignoring the root issue by talking about the patriarchy, since it is still important to talk about.

A lot of feminist theory direct relates to economic struggles, since the patriarchy is very connected to the current economic systems, because women are more likely to be poorer then men.

But to relate it back to that red pill stuff, what's kinda sad about these red pill idiots is that they don't understand that the patriarchy, the system they love so much is the thing hurting them. I think a lot of people when talking about it get into the trap when combating these ideas that men benefit from the patriarchy, when it doesn't and hurts men's ability to present, act and do the things they want to act in order to uphold the societal standards that the patriarchy demands, like being a dominant breadwinner masculine man.

They just don't get it because they have been basically brainwashed by these people into think that these are desirable traits and it's making them miserable. Andrew tate is a horrible person, but I can understand why he's like that because his father was an abusive pos and he sadly took up those traits and became an even worse monster.

Sometimes you gotta focus on the social elements of society rather than the economic ones, cause we still have a lot of issues related to them.

Firstly, we must be clear, there are ALOT of different strains of "Red Pill Movement". 

Some or even MANY are misogynistic.  In the same way, the women's rights movement has taken a strong Misandry position.

There are problems on both sides.

We can't quantify this problem on money alone, because there are resource utilization differences in the system.

What IS very apparent is that, the Capitalist goals involved in perpetuating either movement is upfront, and that cash flow ultimately drives/ motivates the "winners" in the movement, the organizers, the book sellers, the speaker fees, etc.

This stuff makes money, there's no question about that. And the key players on both sides are clearly motivated by not so charitable/amorous/empathetic ideology.

I am all for equal rights, but the hypocritical double standards those who are oppressed apply to their situations really do bother me.

Small example, I was watching a gameshow, QI, the other day and the panel that day was all women plus Alan Davis who is the regular every show. Basically the entire 40 minutes consisted of bashing men, calling them stupid and incapable, and some really borderline jokes that are straight up sexist. If it were the other way around there would've been news articles the next day calling for the host to apologize and the show to be canceled.

Equal rights are for equality, but some people think that means reverse oppression


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Thu, 06 June 2024, 09:59:28 ---In the same way, the women's rights movement has taken a strong Misandry position.

--- End quote ---
I fail to see how any significant feminist movement's views, goals or methods are misandrist. The whole point of progressive movements is to abolish existing stereotypes and power dynamics, not replace them with new ones. Members of such movements who miss that point or forget it soon split off.


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