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Email-free Fridays


Some people at Intel are trying to make Fridays email free, and a day in which people are encouraged to meet in person. Is this an attempt to hippify the nerd industries, a play for physical interaction, or is this what Web 3.0 will be?

Iím not sure what to think about this, Iím kind of on the fence with it. Now that I am not freelancing anymore, personal email isnít very important to me at all, so I think email free Friday is a practice I may have had for a while unknowingly, but that doesnít say that I think it's a good idea at all. There are times when, since I am used to a life with email, people are inconvenienced more than anything by trying to meet for little stuff, So I would like my Fridays to have email for use in my personal life.

At work, itís a different story. If we didnít have email one day a week, we would use so much extra paper it would boggle the mind. So much information is being passed around, virtual is the best, greenest and most economical way to do this. So expecting everyone to take this up would hurt the planet even more in the long run, and what does Intel have against computers for anyway? Donít they make their money exclusively off them?

Iím all for movements and whatever, but I would rather have a movement of the bowels than this one.

All big companies have executives that, regularly, come up with stupid ideas like this.  

I would simply use it as an excuse to ignore work emails from annoying co-workers I didn't want to deal with....or dodge work that may delay my weekend. But that's just me.  ;)


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