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Deep Thought - an Open Source 40% Project
« on: Fri, 24 June 2022, 20:12:11 »
Hello! Apologies if the x-post of this is not allowed... Originally posed over in Keyboards, but finally realized that this was probably a better area to drop this off.

I've done a lot of lurking around GeekHack, but not too much posting... so let's work on changing that with this!

I've been dabbling around with keyboard designs over the past 10 months. Originally starting as an experiment to see what could be possible (and to learn a few more tricks), I've since worked up a couple of different designs. My first design was something for myself that I ended up offering as a handwired kits to those interested.

What I'm posting about now is my second design... a 40% board that's fairly simple: 3D printed bottom case and plate. Since everything I've learned about firmware building and case design has been made possible by open source designs and the community at-large, I figured it would be a good setup to post this design as a free-to-build option. If you can print the parts and get the hardware, have a blast!

I ended up calling this board "Deep Thought"  with a few contributing factors:
- 42 keys
- I made this design out of being deathly curious to try a 40% design
- I really wanted to lean in to a joke with the number 42
- Before (and after) typing on this, I ask myself how someone can use a 40 keeb as a daily driver

If anyone is interested in building an Deep Thought for themselves check out the following links!
Deep Thought main page:
Deep Thought STL files:
Deep Thought GitHub repository:

At this time, I'm aware of a bug in the firmware that causes the initial keymap to not load in properly. I have fixed that issue (pretty sure) but haven't yet added it to the github. My QMK MSYS environment somehow messed up on my computer and I'm in the process of straightening that out. Should have that handled in the coming days though!