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I have a Death Adder which I pruchased about 5-6 years ago.  While I loved the ergonomic shape, 3 out of 4 of the buttons had double click issues, the mouse always felt hot, and it always felt rather cheap when being handled.  The top buttons felt mushy and the case kind of flexed when you squeeze.  I was wondering what the general opinion is currently for Razer products?  I've purchased several mice looking for a new favorite - Razer has several I am interested in the Mamba and Basilisk.  I do feel like they are slightly overpriced and a lot of people talk about how crappy the brand is.

My opinion was formed 5+ years ago, and I wrote them off so badly that I never saw reason to revisit... perhaps it's an outdated view now.

Lots of money spent on marketing low quality ****e to the younger gamer market. At the time I'd had a mouse fall apart, quickest of any I've ever owned over decades. Tried some of their demo boards and realised that even on the same board, switches felt totally inconsistent (I don't know if this was with early Kailh before they got their act together, or perhaps they had dived off on some even worse own-brand).

They raised an astronomical amount of money with an IPO several years ago, and what has changed? They still seem to make the same shoddy and tacky looking crap as they always did. They dived into phones (one phone?). The laptops have good reviews but given their other gear I wouldn't sink money into them.

Razers are scumbags:
 - Razer Gamma / GammaNow / SoftMiner. It is still active.
 - Superlative marketing, has been just borderline fraudulent in many cases
 - Their response to the driver-SYSTEM privileges fiasco. Every brand makes a bad/buggy product sooner or later. The difference is in how they handle the situation.
 - Did I mention Gamma/SoftMiner?

And it is also a good idea to avoid their hardware because of their Synapse app and other bloatware.

Wow, I didn't even know about this.,38239.html

Only good thing about razer is their plush wristwrest, although everything else they make is dog****


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