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Looking for Touchpad Testers!


Hi Keyboard Lovers!

I am writing to you with a cry for help and assistance. I'm not quite sure if I chose the right forum thread, but our device is not ordinary, it's a large touchpad and keyboard at the same time.

We're a small hardware startup that's making interesting technology TouchOnKeys that turns the keyboard into a big touchpad.

We are building a new user experience, for this we conduct testing on real users, identify problems and pains.

Now we have released a new keyboard prototype and are starting to look for people who are ready to help us with testing. No special skills are needed. You just need to use the device for your daily tasks. We cover the cost of shipping and picking up the device.

if you are interested, then please join our discord and then we will contact you and discuss the details of testing

And, of course, I will answer all your questions on this topic

Attached is a photo of our keyboard prototype

Looks interesting!


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