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Logitech Marble Mouse T-BC21 - replacing switches


I'm interested in replacing the Button4 switch in my T-BC21.

I've been using a Logitech Marble Mouse T-BC21 for many years, along with SteerMouse to program Button4 to engage scrolling with the ball. My preferred method of scrolling is to hold Button4 and scroll with the ball, then release to disengage scrolling. (I vastly prefer this to clicking Button4 once which locks scrolling, and then clicking again to unlock).

However, over time all my trackballs start to lose consistency in keeping the button engaged. If I am off-center slightly, or not applying maximum pressure to the center of Button4, the scroll function will disengage. This will happen without an audible "click" of the button. This happens on both the newer models (logi) and the older models (logitech logo).

I would consider changing to a different trackball, but I am quite happy with this method of scrolling. But obviously this issue makes it frustrating to the point of unusable.

Has anyone replaced the switches in the Marble Mouse? Are there better switches I could use for Button4?


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