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Found some old mechanical keyboards today!

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Good find, those Compaq mx11800 usually sell for around 30-50 shipped depending on condition. I'd reccomend keeping one or two good quality boards for yourself.

For the Compaq RT101, was there a seperate white stem between the keycaps and rubber dome? These look simular to a dell quietkey, which are fair for rubber dome boards. Not much value in these boards, but a decent layout, and very cool color for the rubber domes.

That black dell, isn't that a Dell AT101W? Black alps are somewhat common, but I'd be very interested in trying some new black alps. Let me know if you ever end up parting with this board.

It said Dell AT102W at the backside but I dont know :)

the 11800s are good brown switch donors

Wait a minute... Those keyboards have Swedish layout. I have been looking for Swedish Cherry MX keys for a while. You've got PM!

Panther Modern:
I'd be interested in those Compaqs if you are looking to sell.


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