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I have a bad keyboard. Please help!QWERUIOP78+9!

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As i was typing my problem it shows in qweorup78+9theqrwiuop789+ sqweruiop789+bj qewruiop78+9s qweruiop789+j sbjct lqweruiop78+9ne

This is what the keyboard is doing. It is a quick fire that i got just 2 months ago. Please help me exchange it! It is frustrating.
I am sure you can see that i did not type this stuff. The keyboard is doing it. I have unplugged it, i have restarted my computer, and NOTHING is working to fix the problem.
I have a CM Storm cherry mx blue that works great. This is the brown without branding. Please help me exchange it. I have been a loyal customer in the past and i just am asking for some help.

I have a MX brown QFR without branding that is also acting up however CM's customer support hasn't responded to me about it still. There must have been a huge backlog.

RMA it, don't try to fix it.  Happened to my roommates unbranded brown, while my older blue with branding is fine.  As with any return deal, prepare to wait, **** is all about paperwork and inefficient management...

They better reply. I was thinking about getting a cherry mx red from them but i would have no problem paying a little extra to get a WASD keyboard when they come out with tenkeyless version in March. I hear they have great customer support. I don't think they want bad word of mouth coming from this site. Thanks guys for replying to my comment. I appreciate it.

Hope everything gets worked out!

Anyone know how widespread these issues might be? I had an unbranded brown and just picked up an unbranded blue, no issues so far though.


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