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Mouse bridge users??

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Whiskey in the Jar-o:

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I am a righty so it has taken about a week to get used to it. Put the mouse on the left side. Yeah, I know, its goofy mousing but it has turned out well for me. My mouse of choice is the kensington expert, my backup is the logitech marble mouse. Both mice work in either hand.

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I do that as well.  The other benefit is that it frees up the right hand for doing something useful with the numpad... like macros.  OTOH, left-handed mousing rules out a lot of high-end mice.  BTW, do you switch the mouse buttons?  (I don't.)

I used to do that as well, it seems somehow more natural. Maybe I'll give it another try.

This is the only external pointing device I use (along with the scroll wheel version):

Using one with my left hand is not something I'm willing to try.  Although, believe it or not, I worked with a guy in Iraq who did that very thing with this one:

what'd he use on the ball?  His ring finger? pinky?

I think the trackman marble wheel (pic #2) is perfection.   Gum WOULD be perfect, but trackman marble wheel IS perfection.

Yes, I did switch the mouse buttons, it seems more natural to me. But whatever works for you....

I am going on 4 days or so since I started with the left hand, at first it was awful, really. But its gotten way better since then. It really changes the way you work, the right side of the keyboard isn't such a wasteland anymore. However, YMMV.

And yes, mouse selection can make or break this. Thankfully, I use the kensington expert mouse which works with either hand. This mouse works great out of the box with ubuntu btw.

I don't game with it though. I have a logitech G5 mouse for gaming and it is a right handed mouse, as you all probably know. But I must say I am not an everyday gamer, so  its not such a big deal.

I never thought of trying it left handed( I mean really, it just doesn't seem right and you have to re-learn how to use a mouse) until I read an old thread on slashdot, seems alot of people have carpal tunnel and other  repetitive stress with the right hand that was alleviated when they switched to left-handed mousing.


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