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Any ideas where to get a trackpoint? I know about the Thinkpad replacement keyboards, are there any other sources beside an M13?

M13's probably the best bet, but, if you feel like making your own control logic, the early IBM ScrollPoint mice used a TrackPoint as a 4-way scrolling device.


--- Quote ---but, if you feel like making your own control logic
--- End quote ---

No, I can't. It must be somewhat plug and play like the Thinkpad unit. Thanks for the tip with the mouse though, that was exactly the direction my question aimed at.

Got an IBM Trackpoint IV from ebay. Haven't opened it yet. Quite heavy for a rubber dome board.

The trackpoint runs fine when connected to a ps/2 mouse port but when I use a simple ps/2 to usb converter cable it will not be recognized. Computer says unknown device. Any ideas?

Oh, and I opened the keyboard: the stress unit, the trackpoint pcb, the keyboard pcb and the mouse switches - everything is separate. Perfect!


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