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Missing something on my trackball keyboard


Currently using the compaq mx11800 with brown cherrys and an optical based trackball? Anyway after messing around with the trackball abit more I'm starting to feel that I really think its quite comfortable abit slow compared to my copperhead mouse but allows me to cross the screen with less hand waggle.
My main gripe is scrolling ability unlike my macbook touchpad and my razer copperhead mouse there are no scrolling wheel or special gestures like two finger scroll that make it much easier to scroll through long documents.

Also I miss the extra macro keys on my razer mouse where I can quickly edit documents single handedly. Are there any software tools to set a key on the keyboard to use the trackball like the apple might mouse trackball as a scrolling tool as this would improve its workflow immensely. I still will never use a trackball for gaming and arty stuff but for general work, its workable.

Autohotkey also has mouse functions. Might be worth looking into. Not sure if it will do what you are looking for though.


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