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It's a widely recognized fact that keyboards collect dirt (there's even a comic about it). But have you ever looked inside your mouse? I have...


Rodents spread bubonic plague in the 14th century, and I really don't wonder why :) Perhaps I should get one of these antibacterial mice.


--- Quote from: aon;7127 ---there's even a comic about it
--- End quote ---

I like this one better.  :)

I almost throw up every time I see that comic.  :)  I look around at work and see some of the nastiest, filthiest keyboards I have ever seen.  I never eat near my 'board (or PC, in general), and I always make sure I have clean hands.  I also dust my keyboards every so often and clean them with a Lysol wipe, or something, if necessary.  I hate going over to someone's PC and having to use their filthy keyboard.  I always end up going to wash my hands if I do.  Take care of your things (esp. keyboards :) ), and they'll take care of you.

I almost threw up (and that's not something that happens easily) when I opened this cherry keyboard I'm working on:

Now it's a bit better already:

The keys and case are currently drying.

I just about threw up looking at the thumbnail of that image.


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