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it will basically be all day 7/12 and 7/13. we might try to arrange for a happy hour type thing for introductions and hanging out on friday night. saturday night and sunday we will have ultra-cool big dinners somewhere. lunch will be delivered on both days.

i will be in attendance at least some portion, depending on what activities are happening on which days.

for those who are flying in, please get cptbadass and i your itineraries once they are set. for some, we should be able to coordinate rides from SJO. if you're flying in at an odd time, i highly suggest uber

I'm flying in late Friday night and leaving early Monday morning. I couldn't get flights for a better price at different times and I'm out of vacation. Think my arrival time is like 2300 or something on Friday and my outbound flight is like 0800.

this is also a good time to start collecting food restrictions. things we need to know: food allergies, vegetarianism, veganism, lactose intolerance, pescetarianism, pork exclusions, red meat exclusions, whether you would like to imbibe


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