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A visit to warehouse


Just wanna share my recent visit to :)

I knew HendyZone for a while now, since the start of my mechanical keyboards journey and since he was still a reseller of various items.
But never get the chance to meet him since we live in different city.

I've been wanting to visit his warehouse since he opened and operates
Took a 2 hours flight and finally I met one of the most friendly guy I knew

Everything, and by everything was overseen by HendyZone himself, every sales, packaging, every shipment even supports. I was there when he was handling some local sales or even international sales. Feels like a very family oriented run business, in a very good way. All the stocks has been categorised neatly

Played around with his display boards and we spent the rest of the afternoon 'til late talking about keyboards!

Will surely pay him another visit

Pretty sweet looking warehouse! :thumb:

Thank you for your visit bro !

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this little warehouse

Hope we can met again later :thumb:


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